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What Made us to Start MPG (menupriceguide.com)

Have you ever come into a situation wherein you had checked for a particular restaurant’s price menu online and then visited that restaurant and noticed that the actual prices are different from what you have seen listed online. Yes, it happens and we are no exception and this made to start collecting the menu prices and share those with you.

Our objective at menupriceguide.com is to provide visitors the most recent and true menu prices for all of the reputed restaurants. We believe in quality instead of quantity. You may not see a large list of restaurants on this website but as many you will find here you will have them with the correct pricing.

How We Collect Menu Prices at the MPG

We collect food menu items and their respective prices from the official websites of the restaurants. No doubt, maintaining the latest and correct price lists for all restaurants is not an easy task, especially when there are almost countless restaurants around and many of those are changing their prices every now and then. A lot of dedication is required for this job and we, as a team on menupriceguide.com, are spending hours to make our listing correct and up to date. We revisit all menu prices regularly and try to make them as accurate as humanly possible.

Just in case you find any error in our prices kindly do write to us at [email protected]. You can also make use of the contact form from our Contact Us page for this purpose. Your feedback is not only welcome but also required and appreciated so we can keep on serving you in a better way.

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