Wings Etc. Menu Prices 2024

Wings Etc Menu Prices

Here are the latest menu prices at the Wings Etc.

Amazingly Awesome Appetizers | Pretty Dang Good Salads | Our Chili | Southwest Favorites | Award-Winning Jumbo Wings and Boneless Wings | Rolled To Order Wraps | Fresh Never Frozen Premium Burgers | Made To Order Sandwiches and Other Good Stuff | Surprisingly Good Seafood | “Homewrecker” Monster Dog | Hardwood Smoked Ribs | Excellent Nachos | Our Sides | Dipping Cheese Sauces | Kids’ Meals | Dessert | 100% Hooch-Free Beverages

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Amazingly Awesome Appetizers

Lots of options, but you may wanna go with...

Basket of Fries


Basket of Loaded Fries


Basket of Loaded Tots


Basket of Tots


Bavarian Pretzel Bites


Beer-Battered Cheddar Bites


Fried Mushrooms


Fried Pickle Spears


Green Bean Fries


Jalapeno Cheese Poppers


Mini Corn Dawgs


Mozzarella Cheese Sticks


Spicy Pickle Chips


Pretty Dang Good Salads

For a humble sports bar.

Big Chicken Salad


Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad


Side Caesar Salad


Side Garden Salad


Wedge Salad


Our Chili

Wings Etc. Meaty Chili


Wings Etc. Meaty Loaded Chili


Southwest Favorites

2 Piece Grilled Fish Tacos


3 Buffalo Chicken Tacos


Grilled Chicken Quesadilla


Award-Winning Jumbo Wings and Boneless Wings

Cooked to order in trans-fat-free vegetable oil. We're known for wings, and we take every basket full very seriously. Extras and extra sauces for an additional charge.

Boneless Wings


Bulk Order Boneless Wings


Bulk Order Wings


Traditional Wings


Rolled To Order Wraps

Served with fries or choice of side. Double the chicken on your wrap for an additional charge.

Buffalo Chicken Wrap


Chicken Caesar Wrap


Crispy Chicken Bacon Wrap


Grilled Chicken Wrap


Fresh Never Frozen Premium Burgers

Served with fries or choice of side. Substitute a beyond burger patty for an additional charge. Add-ons for an additional charge

3-Cheese Burger


First Class Burger


Have a Chargrilled Beyond Burger


Hugh Jazz 1lb. Burger


Jalapeno Bacon Burger


Stand-By Burger


The Big Nasty Burger


The Loaded Cowboy Burger


Made To Order Sandwiches and Other Good Stuff

Served with fries or choice of side.

"Hawgzilla" Pulled Pork Sandwich


Buffalo Chicken Sandwich


Chicken Tenders Basket


Crispy Chicken Breast Sandwich


Grilled Chicken Sandwich


Honey Mustard Chicken Bacon Swiss Sandwich


Huge Pork Tenderloin Sandwich


Italian Beef Sandwich


Philly Cheesesteak


The Baron Sandwich


Surprisingly Good Seafood

12 Piece Jumbo Shrimp Dinner


Crispy Fish Tacos (3)


Jumbo Shrimp by the Piece


Yuengling Battered Cod Fish and Chips


Yuengling Battered Cod Sandwich


"Homewrecker" Monster Dog

Served with fries or choice of side. A 11", 1/2-lb. tube of hot dog wonder and intimidation. Add extra chili sauce, nacho cheese or slaw for an additional charge.

Chili Cheese Wrecker


Naked Wrecker


Hardwood Smoked Ribs

Served with our house BBQ sauce.

1/2 Rack Hardwood Smoked Ribs


Full Rack Hardwood Smoked Rib Dinner


Rib Tip Dinner


Rib Tips by the Piece


Ribs and Boneless Wings Combo Dinner


Ribs and Traditional Wings Combo Dinner


Excellent Nachos

Wings Etc.'s Signature Ultimate Nachos


Our Sides

1/2 Order Fries


1/2 Order Tots


Apple Sauce




Mac 'N Cheese


Veggie Side


Dipping Cheese Sauces

Beer Cheese Sauce


Nacho Cheese Sauce


Kids' Meals

Served with fries or choice of side. Kids 12 and under please. Includes small fountain drink.

Kids Boneless Wings


Kids Burger


Kids Chicken Fingers


Kids Mac 'N Cheese


Kids Mini Corn Dawgs


Kids Traditional Wings



Oreo Churros


100% Hooch-Free Beverages

Fountain Drinks

12 oz. Milk


Brewed Iced Tea




Fountain Drinks


Red Bull


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